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Birthdate:Aug 6
Location:Vermont, United States of America
Website:Pulitzer-prize winning blog
hello i am alex i have 6 girlfriend hot hot leg leedle leedle leedle lee

i enjoy butt touching rather a lot really it is my favorite past time and i in fact have won awards for my work in the field

you may know me as ladyofsandwiches well the story behind this is really a very long and tragic and upsetting one and i will tell you it here. you see kids long ago i was working in the great and mighty kingdom of sandwich as a chicken sexer when the king called me to his glorious palace made of pizza slices. the king told me that his wife, the queen of sandwich, has passed away unexpectedly in a tragic unicycling accident. the kingdom was crushed. the king told me that my work sexing chickens was so admirable that he wanted me to take the queen's place. i told him i could not because i was obligated to my chickens, he was saddened, but instead offered me ladyship so i totally agreed and this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and i'd like to take a minute just sit right there to tell you all about how i become the fresh prince of bel-air. i am sadly joking, there is only one prince of bel-air as fresh as will-smith and that is will smith.

ps my beard is good.

Interests (26):

being a chorus girl but not the fancy dressy kind, being a fancy ass motherfucker, being a stand-up human in general, collecting fancy european rocks, collecting misha collins memorabilia, crying over doctor who, demon jesus, fantasizing about david tennant's hair, foie gras, investigative journalism, is this love or am i dreaming, is this love that i'm feeling, is this the love that i've been searching for, maple syrup, mustard flavored nail polish, pizza sandwiches, primal screaming noises, putting lipstick on pigs, screeching like a weasel, shipping feels, skants, snorting loudly in front of a crowd of 50, staring longingly at jared padalecki, the cult of omens spelled out in alphabet soup, tibetan throat singing, touching butts
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